How To Pick The Perfect Fabric For Saree

Perfect Fabric For Saree

How To Pick The Perfect Fabric For Saree

You watch a movie and fall in love with the saree worn by the actress. Back at home, your heart is yearning for nothing but that same Saree. You go to the market and buy that “Kareena Kapoor ki saree”. But when you wear it, it doesn’t suit you that well.

Has it happened with you as well?
Well, there can be many reasons behind it. The top reasons why a piece of cloth may not suit you are:
• Fabric
• Color
• Work

So in such a scenario, does it mean that designer sarees are only for Bollywood actors? Well, NO.
The most important factors are fabric and color of a Saree. As far as fabric is concerned, if we divide them into 5 basic categories, we have:
• Chiffon
• Georgette
• Cotton
• Silk
• Net


For overweight women, it’s ideal to wear a chiffon saree. Stay away from stiff fabrics like cotton or silk and rather opt for georgette sarees. They are available in a variety of colors, and make you look slimmer.

Tip: Opt for a longer pallu, it makes you look slimmer from behind


For voluptuous frames, chiffon and georgette are great. Another fabric to experiment with is Net. Net with work on borders looks great on such frames.


Probably the best figure, slim and tall women can carry any kind of fabric with most works easily. You can also carry off a heavy work/ embroidered Chiffon or georgette saree.

Hope this tiny change in your choice of fabric will help you picking the most appropriate saree for your own body type. Understand that you must love yourself the way you’re. Just tweak around a little bit with your choice of fabrics, styling and colors, and you can totally look like a Diva.

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